What is The Shifter®

Fully patented, The Shifter® is the world’s only bi-laterally independent momentum platform.

The Shifter® Technology is a revolution that creates momentum that allows each side of the body to be independent of each other. It is composed of flywheel and swing arm components. It is an inertial system connected to a platform (standing, sitting, lying or hanging) with a reciprocal end and a rotational end that is designed to capture and release momentum.

How It Works

The Shifter® provides a Momentum Wave Action that undulates the body from the center of gravity by Shifting® the body through unpredicted movements. It allows the user to learn how to ride and guide the momentum, relax and be adaptable all at the same time. It sparks the user’s neuromuscular system in a subtle and symmetrical way. The philosophy of Shifting® is that AdaptibilityBalance and Symmetry enhance Performance, Function and create Wellness in the human body .

User Feedback

"This is truly an 'out of the box' product that may prove to have irreplaceable validity with performance enhancement/injury prevention clientele at all levels of participation and competition."

Alan Russell

Former Director of Education – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

"With over 35 years of sports participation, my right ankle has been severely sprained numerous times and thus my balance and stability have been compromised. Having only performed my usual running and strength training, I can only attribute this "heightened reflex" to Mr. Graber's training device The Shifter®."

Darryl Eto

Former Senior Performance Specialist – Athletes Performance

"In addition to its greater metabolic requirements, the independent ellipse provides greater variety to training due to its many possible combinations of movements”

Dr. Dan Carey

Department of Health and Human Performance – University of St. Thomas

"It is very evident that your subjects have changed strategy from pre to post-test due to a much more relevant reaction with their contralateral lower extremity.”

Lars Konradsen

Department of Orthopedics Copenhagen County Herlev Hospital – University of Copenhagen

"The Shifter® Machine and Program saved my life. I had debilitating Fibromyalgia and was immobile with back pain. Nothing worked for me until I found The Shifter®. It helped realign my body and get rid of my dysfunctions in my spine."

Bianca Green

Producer – Entrepreneur

“The Shifter® is the greatest machine I have ever trained on."

Michael Fragale

Shaman | Yogi

“The Shifter® and the program that Mr. Graber has put together is one of the most fun and challenging work outs I have ever done. I highly recommend this system to anyone looking for overall mind and body improvements!"

Cody Stevenson

Entrepreneur | United States Marine Corps Veteran

Why It's Beneficial

The Shifter® Technology is beneficial because it stimulates neural plasticity which helps offset the symptoms of neurological diseases, improves balance/fall prevention, and is a performance enhancement tool. It realigns the mind-body connection and improves the posture of the body, stimulating blood and energy flow to the brain and spinal cord. This awakens the inherent balance inside the body, removing internal scar tissue and calcification that limits range of motion and can cause pain and disease. Ultimately releasing the Kundalini (energy of the spine) and correcting dysfunctions by promoting Balance, creating Symmetry, and enhancing Performance!

The Inventor

With a University degree in Kinesiology and training certifications from NASM, Jase Graber is a top level functional trainer. At the beginning of his career, Mr. Graber opened F.I.R.M. Fitness clinic (Functionally Integrated Resisted Movement) where he invented and patented the first bilaterally independent -US Patent Spontaneous Symmetrical Weight-Shifting® Trainer Device (The Shifter®).

For nearly two decades Mr. Graber has developed The Shifting® Program which  is a cutting edge method for the health and wellness industry. It includes a set of patented progressions that correlate directly to  Function, Wellness and Heightened Performance. He has conducted studies with ASU, CSU, and St. Thomas University, which focused on cardio, balance, and reflexive benefits. 

Mr. Graber is the Founder and President of The Shifter® Inc which is an IP holding company that is truly “Reinventing The Wheel” with 4 full patents utilizing independent momentum platforms  and flywheels in The Shifter® Technology. He is currently teaching at The S.H.I.F.T. Institute in Boulder, CO where he certifies people in The Shifting® Program using The Shifter® Technology and continues the Development, Research, and Design of The Shifter® Technology and it’s applications for the human body and new industries.

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